The experience was awesome. Colleen is very informative and great with animals. Both my dogs and I learned a lot. I will be using her services for further dog training.



When it comes to fostering a highly-effective team relationship with my 10+ year old mixed breed Husky Service Dog, Aki; Colleen's intuition, knowledge skills and abilities shined. Experience with Colleen has proven that patience and consistency are her hallmark to getting the results we both needed to navigate through the complexity of crowds and urban environment meeting and/or exceeding all my expectations to attain Aki's Service Dog credentials.Thanks to Colleen, Aki's Teamwork is indistinguishable form a pure-breed/high dollar Trainer alternative.



Colleen and her assistant Lisa did a fantastic job teaching me how to train my 9 month old lab mix. Their advice was practical and easy to follow and I am really seeing results with my pup. Colleen really cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to make sure that both the dogs and the humans are happy with the training results. The cost of the sessions was extremely reasonable, Colleen always showed up exactly on time, and I couldn't have asked for better quality in the training we received. We enjoyed the private sessions so much that we plan on signing up for the next group lesson class. Thank you, Colleen and Lisa, for making Ella a polite and happy member of our household!



Colleen's love of dogs and her understanding of what rescues (in particular) need sets her apart from others. She took a very customized and focused approach to my specific concerns and was flexible in trying different solutions. Also, my dogs love her...four paws up!



Colleen was excellent and we would quickly and with the utmost confidence recommend her. Colleen has shown us the proper was to deal with our Pitt Bull Mix's aggressive tendencies and dominance issues in a mere four weeks.



We had a great experience with Colleen. Communication in and out of session exceeded my expectations. Colleen's expertise and ability to focus on problem behaviors left me with the tools I need to have a more enjoyable relationship with Jordan.



She is teaching me how to train my puppy.   I chose private sessions instead of group classes in part because we were having so much trouble with housebreaking.  Due to Colleen's help things are improving.  She's given me many helpful tips and ideas to help us with several problems.  We will be starting on my older dog's anxiety issues next. Colleen is a lovely person who seems to like all dogs. She interacted well with both of mine.  I was truly hoping to find someone who would just take my puppy, train her and bring her home!  Most don't do that at all and the one that did, I could not afford!  But, Colleen was patient with my lack of ability and explained everything thoroughly letting me ask any question I came up with.  She taught me a game to teach the puppy to come when called and that is also going well.  Obviously I have faith in her as we will start on my older dog this week.  He is neurotic and getting worse so hopefully she'll be able to help with that as well. It's more work than I wanted, but it will be worth it if  I can have 2 happy, well trained dogs!  I highly recommend her.



I have had quite a few trainers and Colleen was 'by far' the best trainer. She listened and made constructive comments for me to utilize with Rosie. Colleen is very connected with Rosie and with that Rosie responded well to the training. She is awesome and I would use her again.



Colleen really helped my family take back control from our 4 year old Mastiff-Bulldog mix. After the first session we saw improvement especially with removing him from the couches and bed. Her prices are extremely fair and 90 minutes a session is more than adequate.



A great experience, so glad we found Colleen. Couldn't be happier with the training and the results we have seen! Two thumbs and four paws up!



I would recommend Colleen to train any dog. We were very pleased with everything. She truly loves what she does.



My siberian Husky, Cooper, was 3 1/2 months old when I started training with Cooper and was all over the place. Since Colleen came into help me with him, he has become a very obedient and smart puppy for his age. Not only did he become an expert at knowing his name, sit, down, stay, come, and leash walking he also learned a few tricks. More importantly she taught me how to manage/handle him in the future. I would highly recommend Colleen for your dog's trainer, the best professional bang for your buck!

Bella & Jax


I was taught tools I can use for a lifetime. I am positive, if I continue to work with them - they will be better behaved than my kids.



Colleen is a wonderful and knowledgable dog trainer. She helped us enormously in understanding our dog's needs and behaviors. Her personalized approach is not a "package deal". It is customized to meet the needs of the dog and it's family.

Stella & Stan


I will recommend Colleen to others seeking dog training. My dogs are far more obedient since training with Colleen. They sit, stay, down, and come on command now. More importantly, is the skills I've gained in learning to train my dogs.