Pet Training


Rescue dogs can and often do come with baggage. This can be frustrating to handle, but with the help of a professional trainer, you can overcome these obstacles. Giving these dogs a fresh start is a generous thing to do. I would love to help make the transition easier for everyone. I own 3 rescues myself and I can't imagine my life without them.

Custom Dog Training

Our private sessions and day training services are customized to fit you and your dog's needs. Whether you need help with behavioral issues or obedience, we can help you and your dog achieve the goals you have in mind.

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Group Classes

During group class we will show you how to use positive only training to teach your dog to be a great member of your family and society. 

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Service Dog & Therapy Dog Training

Service dogs provide necessary and at time life saving assistance to their handler. Therapy dogs provide comfort to other in times of need. We can help you and your dog achieve these amazing goals.

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Cat Training

It is a common misconception that cats cannot be trained. The fact is, many cats can learn several basic obedience commands (such as sit, down, stay, come...etc). Cats LOVE training and it is a great way to increase your bond with your beloved feline. 

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