Holistic Care


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic powerful, but easy healing option that will help your pet feel overall improvements. Your pet will experience deep relaxation as they let go of any energetic blockages that could cause unpleasant physical, mental or emotional side effects. 

How does Reiki work?

The healing energy of Reiki does not need to be transferred hands on or even in person, although you can schedule an in person session, you can also set up a distance session. The important thing to keep in mind is having your animal in a space where they feel safe and relaxed. You can expect your pet to relax or even nap during the session. The effects of Reiki can be noticed within 24-48 hours after a treatment is done. 

Can Reiki harm my pet?

No, Reiki is completely safe and will not harm your pet in anyway. Reiki does not interfere with any veterinary care your pet is receiving. 

How long does a Reiki treatment take?
Each treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, but ultimately your pet decides when they are done receiving treatment. 

How many sessions will my pet need?

Some pets may only need a couple treatments, while others with more chronic or serious issues will need regular weekly or monthly appointments.

Cost of Reiki?

Each 30-minute session cost $75

Currently only distance sessions are offered