Colleen - Owner & Lead Trainer


I am a mother of 14; 2 human children, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit, 4 birds, and a chameleon.  While my husband and I were stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, I received my dog training certification. I also volunteered at the on-post shelter.  There, I worked one-on-one with the dogs on their basic manners. For those dogs who were too scared to work, I worked on strengthening their confidence. I helped match up potential adopters with dogs that fit their lifestyle. I also fostered a few dogs myself. My foster dogs lived with me, received training, and when I felt they were ready, I found them a forever home. 

I use positive training only. My methods include positive reinforcement, positive associations, bonding & leadership exercises, and fun games. When you reward your dog for doing the right thing, they are more likely to repeat that behavior. I have found positive training methods to be more effective and lasting than alternative methods. I speak from experience with my own dogs. When I got my first dog, Sandy (Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix), I made every mistake in the book. Then when I wanted to make things more “sane”, I hired a dog trainer of my own that taught me a lot.  I also started to read books and watch dog training shows. I implemented what I had learned and saw a few results, but was still not satisfied. I then got into dog training myself and studied positive only methods. Now my pack is balanced, well behaved, and happier than ever. They LOVE training! Prior, Sandy would only half way work with me. Now she can’t get enough. She feels that the reward for her proper behavior is so much more fun than tearing up the house, digging up my entire backyard, or chewing up everything in sight! Positive only training is not only a positive experience for the dog, but for the owner as well.


Ian - Owner & Pet Care Manager


After graduating from George Mason University, I joined the Army to serve my country.  While stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, my wife began working with dogs. Together, we fostered quite a few dogs and I assisted my wife with the house-training, socialization, etc.  Since we have moved back home to Northern VA, I have watched my wife's business grow.  I have enjoyed assisting her during private sessions with dogs exhibiting behavioral issues.  

I finally left my job that I was unhappy at to do something that actually makes me happy...working with animals!  I have a lot of experience with animals, having owned a wide variety of animals my entire life; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and various small mammals.  I thoroughly enjoy caring for and training animals and I look forward to meeting and working with your pets!  


Leighann - Dog Walker/Sitter


I am originally from Richmond, VA. I am a 40 year old married homemaker and part-time dog walker and pet-sitter. I am the proud parent of 4 furbabies; 2 cats (Dallas and Kahlil, named after the football team and the philosopher Kahlil Gibran) and 2 dogs - (Heidi and Rayna  (turning 2 and 1 in February/March of 2017) :) Both Rescued from Washington Human Society at 3 and 4 months of age respectively. I've been an animal lover and owner all my life - primarily dogs and cats, but lover of all - everything from fish to birds to lizards. I've taken many dog training courses and consulted with dog trainers for training my own animals. I've completed several puppy training classes, intermediate obedience classes, Shy behavior class, Agility sports class,  and I am an avid reader / researcher of dog behavior/training... always learning and doing all I can. I am a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and support local charities in and around Fairfax throughout the year. I am also the organizer for meet-up group called Lorton Dog Pack Walks.  


  • ​U.S. Army Veteran
  • Technical College Degree: IT Networking and Security
  • Nursing Degree: AAS in Registered Nursing

Jeanne - Dog Walker/Sitter


I grew up in central Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia 22 years ago.  I am a mother of three teenagers who keep me busy with their travel sports – hockey, baseball, softball & cheerleading. My “fur baby” is a sweet 10 year old Shitzu/Bison named Captain. I am a huge fan of the Washington Capitals & Penn State football! In my free time I love boating, cooking, spending time with family & friends and being outdoors.

After being a homemaker for 15 years, I knew I was ready to go back to work but it was important to find something that makes me happy. That’s when I decided to become a dog walker. I have always had animals in my life - dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, gerbils and fish. My life would not be complete without an animal. To be a part of the Dog Tranquility team and spending time with your fur-baby makes my day! I look forward to getting to know your fur-baby and giving them the affection they deserve.

Dana - Dog Walker/Sitter


A Fairfax native, I am a married homemaker and mother of one.  My family's home includes additional four legged a finned family members.  Nelson is our South African Mastiff, Otis a French Bulldog/Beagle mix, a rabbit named Snowflake, 2 turtles, and fish.  I have always loved and had animals in my life and have never been without the companionship of a dog.  Our family's pets bring us so much happiness I can't imagine our home without animals.  I'm thrilled to be part of the Dog Tranquility family and look forward to getting to know and care for your "fur babies".

Celeste - Dog Walker/Sitter


I’m a transplant from Illinois and grew up on a farm surrounded by animals.  I raised sheep with my local 4-H group and spent countless hours at our local fair showing them. I moved to Virginia after college and worked for 15 years as a cosmetics buyer. Life is funny.  Now I’m a stay at home mom with 8th and 3rd grade boys. We share our home with our rescue dog Maddie, a carrot tailed gecko and countless fish. 😁

Joree - Dog Walker/Sitter



I am born and raised in northern Virginia! I did a little bit of college and studied Psychology through Regent University and I hope to one day finish that degree! Animals have always been in our house and I grew up with cats, dogs, and gerbils. I once volunteered at a vet hospital where I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. In addition to working for Dog Tranquility, I also work at a vet clinic. I currently have a Shi-Tzu/Maltese mix named Zeke and we usually do 3 2-Mile walks every day. I also have an amazing cat named Glinda! She is a rescue and has claimed me as her devoted servant. It’s the perfect balance because Zeke wants to be outside and play, while Glinda wants to relax and sleep beside you. 

Kat - Dog Trainer


Bio and picture coming soon!